Avast VS Bitdefender: Which One Is Better?

Bitdefender and Avast are very similar antivirus programs that have been rivals for many years now. While there are millions of people using each program, it’s the ultimate question of who is better. Bitdefender is said to be one of the best antiviruses on the market. Avast, however, is very appealing with its free version of antivirus. Let’s get a general overview of both options in order to pick the most suitable solution. We’ll take into account the main features, protection, simplicity, price, and support team.

The key features to base your decision upon

Both options have tons of extra features. Even if you compare free Avast, there’ll be a lot to take into account.

Aside from malware removal, Bitdefender’s features differ based on the price. Total Security is the most expensive but definitely worth your attention. It comes with all sort of things including a password manager, core security, rescue mode, VPN, social network and webcam security, etc.

On the other hand, Avast also offers different sets of features based on the version you need. Comparing the most expensive versions, this one has pretty much the same features as Bitdefender. Avast wins by offering a free version that delivers not only core security but also a password manager and Wi-Fi security advisor. Far from all free antivirus software offer these perks.

The protection level of both programs is nearly the same. They secure excellent results keeping your PC and data safe.

Pricing as an essential factor

While the factor of the price is rather relative and personal, the companies offer very similar payment options. Bitdefender can protect up to 10 devices with various plans that start from $3 per month. Avast offers similar plans starting from $5 per month. However, if you are not willing to pay at all, you can greatly benefit from the free version of Avast Antivirus.

Is it easy to navigate the interface?

Here is the sphere where Bitdefender obviously wins. Due to “quick actions”, you can quickly access any feature and simply achieve the result you need. Avast is a bit more complex but is still one of the best interfaces on the market. It may be confusing to see some gray parts. They mean you need to upgrade in order to access those options.

How efficient are their customers support?

Even if you end up never using it, you should still find out how helpful it can be. It’ll not only add extra confidence in making a choice but also solve any occurring issues fast.

  • Bitdefender offers all sorts of medium to reach the support team. You can do it via a live chat, email, phone, etc. Moreover, there is a huge knowledge base that provides you with lots of useful articles and answers on the most common questions.
  • Avast support team doesn’t stand out. It exists, it’s helpful but nothing out of the ordinary. The knowledge base, however, is very rich in information. In case you fail to find the answer there, you can reach a specialist via live chat or phone.

Which one is better anyway?

Bitdefender is generally a bit better than Avast (if you compare the paid versions). It’s more affordable and has lots of featured included. However, if you are tight on the budget, you should take a closer look at free Avast Antivirus. It’ll surpass your expectations greatly.

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