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Hot Review of the Best Dog Camera

A pet camera is an interactive baby monitor designed to watch and play with pets at a distance. The product is ideal for those who do not have enough time to play with their pets. The camera is equipped with a reliable video camera that shows high image quality.

Let’s look at which dog camera ball – hot offer are relevant in veterinary stores, and what are their advantages and advantages.

Petcube: the best solution from Ukrainian developers

Petcube is made of durable and impact-resistant material – the baby monitor will not be damaged, even if the animal plays with it. You can watch what is happening at home using a smartphone, tablet or computer – just install the appropriate software. Also, the camera is equipped with various interesting functions that will allow you to play with the animal at a distance and even leave them voice messages.

PetCube Bites

It was not by chance that we chose this device and included it in our selection. This is the latest model, providing the highest quality video, with the ability to play with your pet using a laser pointer or communicate via voice.

Additionally, storage of large volumes of information is available, there is an option of notifications in case of dangers. Also, there is a 3x digital zoom that allows you to consider everything in the smallest details and a clear and high-quality image.

Petwant PF-102

The PetWant automatic feeder is an indispensable thing in the house when a cat, dog or other pet lives in it. A universal feeder allows you to control the food intake of the animal – an excellent choice for owners who are often absent at home.

PetWant is a company that has been monitoring the healthy nutrition of animals since 2012. Innovative technologies help owners around the world to rationally feed their pets.

Together with the PetWant feeder, you will be convinced that portion food is easy and simple. Thanks to the timer that works at the set time, the feeder opens the feed tray. The main advantages of the feeder:

  • Powered by mains and batteries.
  • A tight container ensures that the feed is kept fresh.
  • Automatic feed.
  • Feeding by voice command.

This model is designed to use dry food. A closed container helps ensure that the food inside remains fresh for a long time and does not lose its beneficial properties. The use of the PetWant automatic feeder guarantees rational and thoughtful consumption of food – so the dog or cat will not eat more, they will consume only the necessary portion of food.

Camera Motorola Focus 88 HD

This is a portable home Wi-Fi camera that allows you to track things from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet or PC. The Hubble app allows you to receive sound, moving, and thermal notifications so you can always stay in touch with what’s happening. Basic properties:

  • Data Transfer Mode – Wi-Fi
  • Remote safe and reliable internet connection
  • Work with a PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Free Android / iOS Apps
  • Infrared diodes for night vision – up to 5 meters visibility in the dark
  • Live streaming video
  • Network operation
  • Photo and video recording functions
  • Digital zoom
  • Remote camera control: turns, tilts
  • Two-way audio
  • Temperature sensor
  • Adapter and power cable included
  • Simple setup and management.

These were only the main types of cameras in the Pet Store. Visit our store and see the entire range in detail.

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