How Hard Is It to Choose Antivirus Software for Windows?

Windows-running devices need antivirus software to stay safe online and offline. There are numerous cyber threats, hacks, phishing sites, scams, etc. Unless you’ve got a reliable antivirus, you are likely to infect your PC and lose data as well as face some other problems. The industry of antivirus software is very competitive making it only harder to choose the best one. Let’s find out what you need to take into account looking for your perfect antivirus and how to stay protected from all sorts of malware, viruses, threats, etc.

The biggest thing to decide first

Before you even start comparing programs, you need to know that there are 2 types of antivirus software. The first one is only core protection. It stops the external threats and is essential for every user. The second type, on the other hand, is more complicated. It implies a superior program system with lots of components, extra features, etc. It can cover several devices in your household whenever you are using them online or offline. That’s why think which one you need first and then leap into action.

Essential elements of a perfect antivirus

When choosing the best program, you need to account for several factors:

  • Find out if it secures complete protection. One of the most reliable ways to do it is to read the results of the tests from independent labs. They deliberately send viruses and cyber threats in order to see how the software reacts and whether it can detect all existing malware. However, you can also take a look at the users’ reviews and comments.
  • Learn everything about the pricing policy. You should read the fine print and make sure you know how much it costs. There can be promotional offers that cut the cost in 5 but the following year, you’ll have to pay much more. One more useful tip here will be to remember canceling the subscription if you switch antiviruses. When you uninstall software, you don’t stop the subscription.
  • The performance level must be high. If the antivirus slows down your laptop, it’s not suitable. This factor must not be ignored as it secures general positive experience. Just read the minimum requirements and make sure your device meets them.

Top 3 antivirus to choose from

Your Windows-running device is sure to benefit from you using Bitdefender, Norton, or Kaspersky Antivirus. These products have made their way to the top of the list by delivering excellent results, numerous features, and user-friendly interface.

Bitdefender is probably the most popular option. It has a huge selection of extra features at a reasonable price. Norton Plus can detect the latest threats which weren’t even named yet. Kaspersky Antivirus reaches perfect scores in all independent tests and is very easy to install.

The verdict

Choosing an antivirus is an important thing. You need to devote some time to do your research and choose the software that perfectly meets your needs and delivers excellent results. In order to make the best choice, you need to take into account several factors. For example, get the tests results from such labs as SE Labs, AV-Test Institute, etc. You may get a trial version of the option you like the most in order to see how convenient and useful it is.

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