How Secure is Total AV? Can You Trust Your PC with This Antivirus?

Total AV is a well-known antivirus solution. Its fame mostly comes with controversial reviews. Truly, the company has had its ups and downs but luckily, it has improved lately. The negative reviews made the company reevaluate its services and make some improvements. Let’s find out how secure Total AV is now.

The general description

The software comes in 2 major versions: free and premium. The first option is very limited and basically provides only core protection. If you are looking for a more complex solution that protects from all malware, viruses, online threats, etc., the Premium version is a better choice. It also comes with several extra tools like Password Manager, Ad Block Pro, VPN, etc.

Total AV runs on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. Depending on the device, the set of features will differ providing various solutions. Since Apple products don’t need antivirus, the app usually comes with a secure browser, photo manager, optimizer, and similar tools.

The peculiarities of the installation process

It takes about 10 minutes to install this software which is a lot compared to its rivals. If you irritated by waiting, this antivirus should not be your choice. Moreover, you’ll have to create an account regardless of whether you get a free or a premium version.

As soon as you install and run the program, you’ll see a simple and user-friendly interface. It reflects 4 main components of the software which include:

  • Antivirus.
  • System Boost.
  • Disk Scanner.
  • Web Security.

Each block is colored green when it’s working and up-to-date. In case some actions are needed, the block will change to yellow or red.

The security features

The Antivirus block gives every user an option for a quick and full scan. Unlike the competitors who have 4-5 scan types, Total AV sticks to 2 main kinds. You should also mind that even a quick scan takes a long time. In addition to long installation, this software is definitely not for impatient users.

Some other security features include a firewall, Real-Time Protection, etc. If you get a premium version, the bundle will also have a VPN. It’s very basic and has only 40 servers. However, the OpenVPN protocol and a standard 256-bit AES-CBC encryption secure safe and anonymous online browsing.

The list of security features also includes quarantine. It turns out to be a very controversial element since it’s only available with a premium version. The rest of the users can only choose between 3 actions:

  • Delete,
  • Whitelist,
  • Do nothing.

Unfortunately, the software doesn’t provide 100% security. It fails to detect every 10th threat which is a lot compared to the top options. Hopefully, the company will keep improving the results.

The issue with pricing

Before you install Total AV, there is something you should learn about the pricing policy. While lots of ads show that it costs only $20 per year, this is only a promotional price. It’s valid for the 1st year of using this software and then it goes back to regular. You should always read the fine print to be aware of the pricing detail. Since the 2nd year, you are likely to be charged with over $100-$150 per year. This is a huge sum compared to the leaders on the marker that deliver much better security for about $60 per year.

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