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Protection From Best Free Antivirus for Mac

Of course, all of us are well aware of the axiom: “Mac viruses do not exist.” After all, the built-in protection is designed so carefully that viruses can hardly penetrate the computer. But can we see if this is so? And if you are still afraid about your Apple computer, we suggest that you choose one of the following free antiviruses.

Avast: Simple and Reliable Protection

Avast is a completely free antivirus, which is one of the most popular antiviruses for the Windows platform, now it is also available for Mac. Antivirus protects your computer with a two-level system. The first one scans the entire system for malware and, if found, cleans the system from them. The second component provides security to users on the Web.

The Avast program has a simple and intuitive interface, which makes it even more convenient to use. In addition to the advantages of this antivirus, you can add the fact that it includes a WebRep plugin that automatically integrates with browsers and warns you about the reliability of a particular site, and scans every file in real-time with which you have to interact.


ClamXav is another reasonably simple, but free antivirus for your Mac. This program boasts a very simple and convenient interface, making it very easy to use. Perhaps, as a defender, ClamXav is inferior to Avast, but for the Mac, this will be quite enough. The main thing is that this antivirus does an excellent job with its main tasks, such as searching and removing viruses.

Sophos Home Edition

Sophos Home Edition is a free version of Sophos’ antivirus. This is one of the easiest antiviruses for Mac to use. To start scanning your computer, you will need to press only one button. The only thing that can make you click more than one button is the desire to configure this antivirus especially, but this is usually not necessary.

This program can monitor the security of your Mac system even when it is in the background. Real-time protection allows you to forget about security once and for all and feel real freedom of action. There is no reason not to download this antivirus if you are looking for a simple and easy Mac’s protection solution.


Avira is another very popular antivirus for Windows, which is now also available for Mac. This program can be distinguished by excellent functionality, but if you compare the antivirus version for Mac with the version for Windows, then the first one will seem to you anyway much easier (but this is logical).

Using Avira antivirus, you can check the entire system, as well as some of its elements or individual files. This free antivirus constantly checks that your system is protected from various viruses and other dangers. And most importantly, all Avira processes are fully automated.

Comodo Antivirus

Comodo is considered as the best free antivirus for Mac, which provides your computer with complete protection against all malicious programs that could potentially harm your computer. In real-time, the antivirus constantly monitors the security of your system by scanning every element with which you interact. Also, Comodo Antivirus updates with enviable regularity, which is an equally important aspect for good protection.

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