The Best Board software for meeting management

The variety of modern board management software markets is amazing. Each user can find his ideal product in accordance with the budget of the company and the goals of its further development. However, sometimes it is quite difficult to decide on the final choice, because there are many identical products with the same parameters and characteristics. We bring to your attention the rating of the best meeting management software to simplify the process of selection a little bit.

An overview of the best meeting management software

Every year, the ranking of offerings for companies changes. The list of the best meeting management companies includes platforms that have received the best reviews from users and experts. This list represents users’ picks from the past year.


This is a comprehensive software that is used to organize board and business meetings online. The software has many tools to store, use, and modify documents in real time. Only registered users can access the documents and tools to work with them, which provides better protection of confidential data. The advantages of the platform also include its accessibility – you can log in to the platform from any user device.


This platform features a simple and straightforward interface, which, however, helps solve a lot of inline tasks in a company’s work. It has tools for both document management and online meetings. Here you can create virtual announcements, create work agendas, schedule work for different periods, and much more. In addition, the platform synchronizes perfectly with other corporate systems and applications, which is quite advantageous. That said, the platform is considered one of the most affordable on the market today.


One of the most popular platforms on the market today, which is based on cloud services. All the tools and options of the platform are available online, which does not require the installation of software on each user’s device and ensures stable operation of the company even when working remotely. Noteworthy among the useful options are the function of creating and tracking business meetings, synchronization with popular digital calendars, organizing storage of large amounts of data, creating inline tasks on virtual bulletin boards and much more. 

CGS Boardworks

This platform is also widely regarded as one of the best, but it’s most suitable for large enterprises. Its major pluses include quick retrieval and handling of documents even during meetings, responsive voting modules for faster vote counting and decision making, secure digital document management both within the company and with business partners. In addition, the platform works on a variety of user devices, making it one of the most user-friendly. 


This board software offers a wide range of tools for organizing and conducting online meetings. All meetings can not only be entered into a public calendar, but also divided into different categories depending on the topic and time of the meeting. There are also options for quick document search and editing. In addition, administrators have the ability to take minutes of meetings and record all key decisions.

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